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Annual Accounts PIT

We invite you to take advantage of the services of our office in the field of income tax settlements.
We deal with the preparation and settlement of all types of PIT;

PIT-11 concerning the employer's settlements with the tax Office, we settle the basic PIT-37 from employment contracts. We settle the PIT with flat tax as well as PIT from business.

We prepare and settle all kinds of PIT-s
PIT-11 concerning the employer's settlements with the Tax Office,
PIT-37 of employment contracts, civil-law contracts, work contracts
PIT-28 of a flat-rate tax on individuals
PIT-36 is an economic activity.
PIT-39 of the sale or conversion of immovable property and assets
Data to include PIT relief
We take into account annual settlements with Relievies;
Data to include PIT relief
-Relief for children – name, surname, date of birth and PESEL of the child;
-Internet Relief – the amount of spending on Internet use;
-Rehabilitation Relief – the amount of rehabilitation expenses; Except for expenditure the amount of
which does not need to be documented, but other documents proving entitlement to the relief must
be given; The benefit of the relief is also the possession of a judgment on disability;
-Donations-the amount of donations and the endowed data (name, address);
-Relief for donors – a certificate of the amount of donated blood issued by the donation station;
-Deduction of 1% of the tax for the public benefit organization-no KRS of this organization.


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Other Services

Our office makes every effort to help its clients as much as possible in the field of financial services, which is why we are constantly expanding our offer.

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TAX Refund

The accountancy office-Furmanek offers brokerage services for the settlement and return of income tax for individuals who have undertaken work in countries such as England, Netherlands, Belgium, Germany.

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Accounting books

We provide professional accounting and accounting services to any economic operators. Thanks to reliability and experience, we have gained the trust of a wide range of cooperating customers.

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