Reconciliation of EU grants

Biuro Rachunkowe-Furmanek introduces a new accounting service for EU grants for accounting services.

We will arrange your donation!

Earning an EU grant is a definite success for every company. The possibility of allocating funds to the development of the company allows to strengthen the prestige and its positions on the market.

However, as the specialists argue, signing a grant agreement is only 5% success. The remaining 95% constitutes an effective grant settlement. We therefore offer you a professional service at the level of reporting and settlement of grants from European funds.

If you are wondering how to properly settle a donation, you are afraid to commit a mistake – please
contact us!

We offer you services in the field;

Preparation of payment applications
Conducting Project Accounting
Advising on eligibility of expenditure
Preparation of the required reports on the implementation of the project
We provide assistance in the financial settlement of the project, including the preparation of
payment applications
We offer support for current contacts with the grant institution

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