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Accounting for e-commerce activities

Our goal is to help you with accounting services that will be tailored to your business. E-commerce is the fastest growing branch of sales in Poland. Therefore, it needs special handling in terms of accounting.

We offer clearing sales on Amazon, eBay, Allegro, Empik and other market place. As with any business, a trader who deals with online trading should pay taxes. Therefore, when you select a specific legal form of your business, you choose the most favorable tax form for the company, or the way in which income tax is accrued. If we run an online store, we can choose from a number of options-general tax, line tax and flat-rate income tax. How do taxes appear in e- commerce?

You want to know more to join our office, we will help you to settle your ecommerce business.


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Other Services

Our office makes every effort to help its clients as much as possible in the field of financial services, which is why we are constantly expanding our offer.

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TAX Refund

The accountancy office-Furmanek offers brokerage services for the settlement and return of income tax for individuals who have undertaken work in countries such as England, Netherlands, Belgium, Germany.

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Accounting books

We provide professional accounting and accounting services to any economic operators. Thanks to reliability and experience, we have gained the trust of a wide range of cooperating customers.

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